Top Reasons Why People Fail on a Vegan Diet

Great, you’ve made that choice to switch to a Vegan Diet and then a couple months later you’ve failed and you’re back to eating meat. Sound familiar? Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

Here’s some reasons why people fail on a vegan diet with some solutions to help you stay on the right track.

Transitioned too Quick – Guilty!

I was what I like to call an overnight vegan which I don’t recommend for a number of reasons. Turning vegan overnight shocks your body and you have to figure it all out from the offset! That shock to your body, you really might not be able to handle. I had headaches constantly, mood swings and my stomach was doing back flips. It wasn’t great and I wish I had transitioned in stages but I am an all or nothing type of girl so there was no in between for me.

The side effects of an overnight vegan can be one reason why people may fail at a vegan diet as you think ‘this clearly isn’t for me.’ Your body takes time to really adapt and you need time to mentally adapt to the change of a vegan diet.

If you do plan on turning vegan overnight, definitely do some extensive research and meal plan. I’ve also written a step by step guide to transitioning to a vegan diet which will definitely help if you’re a newbie vegan.

Vegan is too Expensive

Some people do stop their vegan diet as they say it’s way too expensive! This was one of my worries when I did turn vegan from all the rumours I had heard, however my staple foods are relatively cheap. These consist of chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, rice, potatoes, black beans and they all also have a super long shelf life!

 When you try and find all the fancy substitutes for meat and sauces it really can add up so keep it simple and treat yourself once a week to a ‘fancier gourmet’ dish.

Super foods can be really expensive, which I do personally buy as there are a lot of health benefits surrounding them such as chia seeds. The best way to buy super foods is in stages, rather than all at once so you can manage your expenses.

Eating out I find is cheaper than when i used to eat meat as the meat options on a menu are significantly higher. Switching to a vegan diet can really save you money rather than cost you more if you do it well”

why vegans fail

Not enough Protein & Vitamins?

You’ve turned vegan and you find that you’re not getting enough protein in your diet as compared to before. You’re eating far too many carbs and you may be actually putting on weight. Then you decide to quit, and that is purely down to lack of research and knowledge surrounding foods.

When you stop eating meat & dairy you do need to incorporate foods in your diet which will fill the gaps that you may have got from meat, such as protein. This a big issue that many people do worry about, especially if you’re into your fitness and health like myself. There are so many foods that you can get protein from such as tofu, chickpeas and lentils. It’s really important to do your research when switching to a vegan diet to ensure you do get all you need and more from your food.

The only supplement that as a vegan you do require is B12, which I take every single day.

Didn’t make the Connection

A reason why a number of vegans fail is because they didn’t make the connection between animal suffering as well as human suffering. I personally believe this is the biggest reason, as if you don’t have a purpose to become vegan why would you restrict yourself?

As a vegan you really need to understand why you are doing it and keep that front of mind. If you’re purely doing it for ‘weight loss’ or ‘health reasons,’ the chances of you keeping it up are very minimal. A couple of my best documentaries I recommend watching are The Game Changers, Forks Over Knives and What The Health.

Make that connection and I promise you won’t look back!

Social Pressure

If you’re anything like me, you may have a big social circle where you do constantly have social gatherings. Luckily in London, we have a number of options for vegans and majority of restaurants will have  vegan options. It’s important you make your friends & family aware that you are vegan so any time there is a social gathering, whether it’s at a restaurant or a house, they know you need options. When you do have an upcoming event, make sure you do your own research, to whether there are vegan options for you. Why not host your own vegan dinner party?This can be a reason why people do give up their vegan diet as they believe the social pressure is too difficult to maintain. You just need to mange it and be open about it with your loved ones.

why vegans fail

Too much ‘Hassle.’

Before you turned vegan, you never really had to think about what you would be eating. Now you have to consciously check everything and you just ‘don’t have the time!’ This goes back to the point in people not having that connection. Surely, the time it takes to educate yourself on how to be a vegan outweighs the negative impacts of animal agriculture?

If you do Fail on a Vegan diet, were you really Vegan to begin with?

In summary, I do believe that the connection to why you turned vegan is the most important factor by far. No one expects you to be perfect and there are times, when I’ve even had slip ups and made mistakes. A couples times have been consciously and other times being unaware that what I was eating wasn’t vegan. The most important thing is that you remember why you are doing it and that you keep on trying. Turning vegan is a journey and no one expects you to get it straight away. The most important thing is that you don’t quit.

I really do hope these tips help you on your vegan journey and just remember to take it day by day.

Let me know if there have been times you have wanted to quit and the reason behind it.

Ami x

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