Canada Goose is Ditching Virgin Fur, but Is It Enough?

Canada Goose is Ditching Virgin Fur For good

Canada goose is finally getting rid of it’s coyote fur trims, which has been made as a pledge as part of a sustainability drive. They have announced they will stop using virgin fur from 2022. They also plan to buy back fur from its customers’ coats for recycling. This means that they will no longer be supporting coyote trapping in Europe and North America.

They have rightfully received a lot of pressure from animal rights campaigners over its use of fur, down, and treatment of animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has petitioned for Canada Goose to ditch fur products for decades.

According to Canada Goose, the decision made was not in response to the campaigns and petition.

“We’re absolutely not switching for any other reason than we believe switching from new fur to reclaimed fur makes something sustainable more sustainable,” Dani Reiss, the group’s chief executive told the Financial Times.

Real Fur is Cruel

At the moment, cruelty can be found in every stitch of Canada Goose’s jackets and other clothing items. Coyotes used for the fur trim of the jacket, suffer in steel traps. They are then shot or beat to death! It’s honestly revolting the way they are killed and mother’s that are trapped and want to get back to their kids end up chewing off their own limbs.

Watch this video below, which shows what really happens to these coyotes.

The cruelty that these coyotes go through, just for a a strip of fur on a jacket is disgusting. It is great that Canada Goose are moving in the right direction but..

Is It Enough?

This move can be seen to many, including myself as brainwashing the public. As well as coyotes being killed for a fur trim, there are duck and geese whose throats are still being slit for feathers which are used in their parkas.

Canada Goose have no intentions to give up fur for virgin animal products entirely. They also plan to still insulate jackets with virgin down geese feathers, so in my opinion, no it is not enough.

Comment below and let me know your opinion..

Ami x

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