The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Subscription Review

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Subscription Review

Who doesn’t love cruelty free beauty finds? This is my first ever cruelty free and vegan beauty subscription box review, and most definitely won’t be the last.

What is The Cruelty Free Beauty Box?

They are a 100% cruelty free & vegan company which send boxes to your house full of beauty goodies.  All brands that they work with have to be Vegan as well as Cruelty free, which ticks off all my boxes! I was kindly gifted this from a family member for my birthday, so every 2 month’s for 6 months I will receive a box. I’ll receive three boxes in total, over a 6 month period and I have no clue what will be inside which is so exciting! On top of that, anything I fall in love with I can re-purchase from the site.

How Much Does The Box Cost?

There are three different type of subscription boxes, so it really depends on the size of the box and duration of how long you wanted to take the box for. They have 3 box sizes:

  • Mini box: 3 – 6 products
  • Original Box: 5-8 Products
  • Deluxe Box: 7-12 Products

I was kindly gifted the original box. If you want to see the full breakdown of pricing, follow this link.

What was Included in this Cruelty Free Beauty Box

What wasn’t include is the question? As well as having lot’s of beauty products, there was even one of my favourite vegan chocolate brands, some nuts and a hairbrush! Please find full list below:

Apologies for the amateur video, it was my first ever video on Instagram and I had no clue what I was doing!

Balade en Provence – Solid Night Cream

How in my 31 years, had I not invested in a night cream? I’ve always had fairly decent skin, she says whilst touching wood, so I never felt like there was any value from a cream whilst sleeping! Occasionally I would use my day moisturiser as a night moisturiser, if my skin felt drier than usual in the colder months.

When I opened the box, I was a little confused as it looked like soap. All you need to do is, glide the bar over your face and the warmth from your skin will melt the bar. Then use your fingers to massage the product into your face, as you would any night cream. I can hands down say, this is one of my favourite products in the box. I honestly wake up with soft, hydrated skin and I LOVE it.

100% will be re-purchasing.

The Salt Parlour – Bath & Body Oil

This bath & body oil, can be used whilst bathing as well as after a shower on your skin. It is recommended to use whilst in the shower, as the floor can get VERY slippery. This oil was super hydrating and I loved it. It smelt great too.

Would I re-purchase? Is it worth £17? I’m not 100% sold, as there are so many oils in the market for a lot cheaper. It’s definitely a nice treat to be gifted, as you can tell it’s a more luxurious body oil, but I’m not sure if I can justify that price personally.

PITT BALM – Deodorant Balm

I was most sceptical about this product when opening up the cruelty free beauty box as I’ve never ever rubbed on deodorant. I found the concept so strange and it took me a few weeks to get my head around it. Once I had used it for a few weeks, I then found the concept of spraying on deodorant odd. It’s crazy how your mind set can change so quickly. These deodorants are made up only 7 natural ingredients, which makes them free from any harmful ingredients. This product is also waste free, you can refill the carton at hot spots around the UK. 

I did enjoy using this product, and I would re-purchase. On the flip side to that, I am keen to see others in the market too as natural deodorant is a new concept for me.

LONDON Copyright – Eyeshadow in Sundown

I absolutely loved this eyeshadow colour, it’s the perfect burnt orange shade with a matte finish. I love neutral colours and make up, so this was the ideal shade for my skin tone. I’ve used this as an eyeshadow as well as a pop of colour on my cheeks.

Would I re-purcahse? Yes I would, and I’m keen to try other shades.

cruelty free box

Ben & Anna –  Sensitive Toothpaste

I’ve never really purchased sensitive toothpaste, I’m always the girl that looks for the most whitening ones. I found this toothpaste very neutral on my teeth, not abrasive at all. It was mint flavoured, however I could have done with a more ‘minty’ taste. It comes with a cute little spatula to apply the toothpaste onto your toothbrush. They do have others in the range, such as the whitening one which I will most likely try next.

Would I re-purchase? I wouldn’t repurchase this sensitive one, as it doesn’t leave me with that fresh feeling after brushing my teeth. Would I try their whitening one? Absolutely!

Lue by Jean Seo – Fade

This product claims to treat dark spots and discoloration on skin to diminish the effects of scars, acne, sun damage, and aging. I have to admit, I have pretty clear skin so I’ve only recently started using it in the last couple of weeks. I do feel a slight tingle when I apply it, which makes me think it must be having some sort impact on my skin. It’s too early for me to say whether this product is effective and I will come back to update my review in the coming months.

Moo Free – Cinder Toffee

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This toffee chocolate was delicious! I’ve had Moo free chocolates before and I absolutely love their range of chocolates. A few of my favourites include sea salt & Caramel and the original.

Would I re-purchase? For definite!

Good4u – Veggie Protein Shots

I loved this small pack of BBQ nuts, great just before or after a workout or even as a 3pm pick me up snack.

Would I re-purchase? Yes!

Bamboo Massage Hairbrush

I wasn’t expecting there to be a product in the box that I could keep for life, so this was a lovely surprise. I couldn’t seem to find this product on the website anymore, however there are number of bamboo hairbrushes in the market. The brush claims to promote hair growth by massaging your scalp for a few minutes a day to the roots. I personally haven’t seen any difference, however I haven’t used it every day. Also, my hair grows at a speedy rate, so to track if it’s growing at a faster rate is difficult! I do love this brush and use it pretty often, even just to massage your head it’s a nice sensation.

Would I re-purchase? Well, I guess I don’t need to as this brush is for life hopefully. Would I recommend others to buy? Yes I would.

Why Should I Invest in The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Subscription?

I’ve only recently started only buying from brands that are cruelty free, so this subscription box has massively helped me find brands that I had not heard of previously. I was struggling to find brands that were ethical, vegan and cruelty free. I had no idea where to start, and manufacturers of beauty products can put almost anything they like on their packaging, which makes it increasingly difficult. By supporting this company, you are speaking up for those that are voiceless as well as strengthening the voice that tells companies that testing on animal is NOT acceptable.

Why Everyone Needs To Be Buying Only Cruelty Free:

  • Animal testing is cruel.
  • Animal testing may not even work.
  • There are thousands of safe proven cosmetic ingredients.
  • So many brands are already cruelty free.
  • Cruelty Free Products have less non-toxic chemicals.

Above are just a few of the reasons why everyone should switch to cruelty free living. If you want to see the full blog post on the reasons to only buy cruelty free, click here.

There are a number of cruelty free and vegan beauty boxes in the market. Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried this company or any others. Would love to hear from all my lovely readers! 🙂

Also, make sure you check out my Instagram where I post all things vegan and cruelty free every single day!

Ami x

Can A Vegan Live With a Non Vegan? The Ultimate Guide

Can A Vegan Live With a Non Vegan? The Ultimate Guide

Whether you transitioned to a vegan diet, whilst living with your partner or you’ve always been vegan, here’s my ultimate guide on how to live with a non vegan.

Personally, I transitioned to a vegan diet whilst living with my husband. This is probably the hardest adjustment as previously we used to eat and cook meat together. Now, I don’t cook any meat because it’s against what I believe in. Of course, the ultimate best scenario is that both you and your partner are vegan and you live happily ever after.

Whether you’re in the same situation as me or not, I’ve outlined all the scenarios below:

  • From day one you’ve been vegan since you’ve met your partner & you’re now moving in together.
  • Since moving in with your partner, you’ve transitioned to a vegan lifestyle.
  • You have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle since dating your partner, but you are now moving in together.
  • You’re both vegan, living together and cooking the best vegan dishes. You’re only here out of curiosity so carry on reading.

Communication Is Everything

Communication is incredibly important when you transition to a vegan diet. It’s so important that your other half understands why you have transitioned to a vegan diet. Everyone has their own reasons to transition to a vegan diet, whether that’s for animals, environment or your personal health. Make sure you discuss your reasons. As well as you speaking about your whys, your partner needs to be in the best situation to really take all the information in. Don’t try have this conversation, whilst you’re both in the middle of doing other tasks. Take that time to sit down, so they understand why exactly you’ve made this transition.

They may not agree with your view point, however as your partner they need to respect your viewpoint. I’m lucky, as my husband saw the good in me turning to a vegan diet. He does embrace it and I love him for that! It wasn’t ‘abnormal,’ to him as his sister has been a vegan for a number of years. Although he hasn’t converted, he completely understands why I made the transition.

You Need To Establish a System

What are you OK and not OK with? Do you mind meat being eaten in the house? Will your partner be willing to eat vegan meals? Will they expect you to cook their meat? Would you be OK with that if they do? Will they replace some simple substitutes like milk? Are they willing to give vegan food a try or are they adamant to stick to their meat?

You need to work out a system and what you are willing to do and not do. Again, going back to communication this needs to be communicated back to your partner so they understand.

Be Respectful of Each Other

Whether you were vegan before you were living together or you transitioned to a vegan diet, it’s so important to respect each other. Just because you’re not 100% aligned in the ways that you live, you chose to be with that person for a reason and don’t ever forget that. If you ever feel as if you’re being mocked for being vegan, talk about it as it’s the only way you’ll get through it together.

Will You Cook A Non Vegan Meal?

Personally, I haven’t cooked eggs or meat since I transitioned to a vegan diet as the concept feels like it’s against my ‘religion.’ I chose to transition to a vegan diet firstly for the animals and health, but also just as importantly the environment. For these reasons, how could I be fine with cooking meat and eggs? It’s entirely up to you what you decide in regards to cooking. If you are purely transitioning to a vegan diet for personal health reasons, then you may not have any issues cooking meat. It all goes back to the WHY.

Would You Share Cutlery and Utensils With Your Non Vegan Partner?

Me and my husband share everything in the kitchen including pots and pans, however I have spoken to other vegans which would not be OK with sharing. Personally, as long as it is 100% cleaned, I don’t mind sharing a pan that has previously had meat on it. If you want separate utensils, make sure that you can clearly establish which set is yours, like having a different colour or size.

Do You Need To Re-Organise The Kitchen?

Are you ok with sharing fridge and shelf space? Even if you are, it may be easier for you to have specific shelves in the fridge and cupboard space in the kitchen. How about keeping meat on a shelf at the top and keeping the rest open to vegetables and anything else you may have in your fridge. Any vegans worst nightmare is getting processed meats leaking on their vegetables, so even if you don’t mind sharing shelf space it would be worth separating vegan and non vegan items.

Surprise Them With a Vegan Meal

Sometimes, the easiest way to convert a non vegan is through their stomach. Have you tried cooking them your favourite vegan meal? Even if it doesn’t mean they convert, at least they can appreciate the great foods that vegans can and do eat. I truly believe that anything non vegans can do, vegans can do with a conscious mind! There are so many meat alternatives, so go start swapping out meat alternatives and see if they notice. Ok, that does sound like trickery and I’m not telling you to deceive your partner but it may be a fun little experiment! By your partner eating delicious vegan food, it may inspire them to incorporate more vegan items into their diet. If you need some help with vegan recipes, go buy this book below – It is honestly incredible!

How About Sharing Some Vegan Sides?

At dinner time, why don’t you make your vegan main whilst they make their meat main and share sides. Make all the sides vegan, which is super easy. You could share a large bowl of salad, even creamy mac and cheese or how about falafel? By incorporating vegan sides, into meal time it makes both your lives easier rather than both having to cooking separate sides.

How Do We Go About Food Shopping?

Do you buy your food together? Are you OK with your money going towards meat products? There is actually no right or wrong answer to how you go about this specific situation. Personally, I’m married and we buy our food from one bank account and it doesn’t bother me that some money goes towards meat. However, I can understand why it may upset some so you need to determine what you will and won’t accept. This could mean that you have separate budgets for food. Again, you need to work out a system that works for the both of you.

vegan and non vegan couple

How About Eating Out Together as a Vegan and Non Vegan Couple?

As a vegan and non-vegan couple, you can still enjoy going out to eat. Depending where you are in the World, most restaurants will have vegan options. It’s important to make sure that you check a menu before you do go out to eat, as it will give you a bit of stress relief before going. I do tend to call ahead of time, as sometimes a restaurant may not be very clear on their menu whether some items are actually vegan. A number of dishes can be made vegan, even if not specified on the menu. If you other half does want to go to a restaurant, where there are limited/no vegan options, sorry to say it but they may need to find another friend/family member to go with. Unless, of course you’re OK with watching them eat, which would never be me!

Don’t Pressure Them to Change

Pressuring someone to change, when they have no intention to will only frustrate you as well as them more than anything. I personally wouldn’t want anyone to think they can tell me what to eat, so why should I tell someone else what to eat? It’s important that they respect your view point, but demanding them to change is unfair as it is for them to demand you to eat meat again.

Time & Patience Is Key

Vegans I find are generally patient people, but it can be easy to get frustrated in specific situations. Having to explain yourself again and again is never fun. At the end of the day you will either be OK with living with a non vegan or you won’t. Adjustments will take time for the both of you and as long as your communicating, you will definitely get through this together.

I hope you liked this blog, this is one that is close to my heart being married to a non vegan. Let me know how you find living with a non vegan partner and any advice you can offer in the comments below.

Ami x

5 Ingredient Vegan Crepe Recipe

5 Ingredient Vegan Crepe Recipe

Since transitioning to a vegan diet, I’ve started experimenting more with recipes that traditionally involve eggs. Eggs used to be fundamental in pretty much all my baking recipes. After much practice and experimenting with a number of recipes, I’ve now perfected how to make vegan crepes and thought I’d share it with you!

What’s the Difference between a Crepe and a Pancake?

In my eyes, a crepe is a pancake that’s been thinned out and is folded and topped with savoury or sweet fillings. Pancakes generally have baking powder in their recipe, which help them rise and also fluff up. Crepes are much typically larger than pancakes and also a lot thinner. Their size and shape is similar to wraps. 

Where did Crepes Originate From?

Crepes are of French origin and originate from Brittany, which is a region in Northwest of France. Consumption of them is widespread in France and they are considered the national dish! They are also widespread throughout the rest of the World.


Key Fundamental Elements of a Crepe

  • Very Thin –  It’s not a pancake it must be super thin.
  • Elastic – it need to be easy to fold. It shouldn’t break and should be slightly chewy when you eat it.
  • Vanilla flavour – The choice of flour is very important for crepes to get the taste accurate. Spelt flour is the best, as it is has a yummy nutty taste. It is also has low levels of gluten. If you can’t find spelt flour, you can use regular white wheat flour.

Do I need a Crepe Pan to Make Crepes?

Crepe pans are relatively flat pans that have either no sides or very short, sloping sides to them. Do you need one to make a crepe? Well, no you don’t need a crepe pan, however it will make your life a lot easier if you do get one. I recommend this highly rated crepe pan from Amazon if you do decide to purchase one. If for whatever reason you decide not to get a crepe pan , you need a solid skillet that heats evenly and has a flat base.

5 Ingredient Vegan Crepe Recipe

Delicious 5 Ingredient Crepe Recipe. Perfect for breakfast or even desserts. 100% eggless and dairy free.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Vegan
Keyword: crepe, creperecipe, vegancrepe, veganrecipe
Servings: 6 Crepes


  • 2 ¾ cup Almond Milk
  • 1 ¾ cup White wheat flour or White spelt flour 
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Sugar


  • Add all the products to a blender
  • Blend on high speed for 30 seconds. Stop, scrap the side of the blender and blend again for another 30 seconds. 
  • Transfer the batter into a bowl.  If you don’t have a blender, combine all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl using a whisk.
  • Heat a lightly oiled crepe pan over medium heat. Rub coconut oil onto the pan using a piece of absorbent paper.
  • Scoop the batter onto the pan, then rotate the pan to spread batter as thinly as possible.
  • Cook for about 1-2 minutes on each side and serve hot with your favorite sweet or savoury fillings.

Sweet VS Savoury Crepes

What I love most about crepes is that they are so versatile. I could have a breakfast savoury crepe in the morning and then a chocolate decadent crepe in the evening, all in one day. Everyone has their preferences, mine is always sweet. Here’s just a few ideas of what you can serve your crepe with:

Sweet Crepe Fillings

  • Icing Sugar
  • Sugar 
  • Jam
  • Cinnamon
  • Agave Nectar & Blueberries
  • Chocolate Hazelnut spread & Banana slices
  • Fresh fruits – Banana go great with a chocolate spread. Also, raspberries & strawberries are delicious with crepes.

Savoury Crepe Fillings

  • Pan fried Mushrooms & Spinach
  • Mashed sweet potato with kidney beans
  • Vegan bacon & tofu scramble.

Whether you like a sweet or savoury crepe, this crepe recipe will form the perfect base for you. Let me know how you found the recipe and your favourite crepe toppings.


Ami x

The Perfect Falafel Recipe

The Perfect Falafel Recipe

So, I just made my hummus blog recipe and the perfect follow up had to be this falafel recipe that I swear by! Both these recipes are made from my favourite ingredient – Chickpeas. Just like my hummus recipe, this falafel recipe is so easy, delicious and most importantly QUICK! This is a great recipe to whip up for your vegan guests, but delicious enough for everyone.

Where does Falafel come from?

Ok so I don’t have the answer for you. It really differs, depending on who you ask . Some food historians theorize that it originated in ancient Egypt as some ancient Egyptian paintings seem to depict people frying a ball-like food. Some point to India where as this is where chickpeas are popular and deep frying is a common mode of food preparation. Turkish and Arab traders likely brought the dish westward into the Middle East. Again like hummus, who knows but who cares? Everyone around the World can enjoy falafel, regardless of its roots.

How to Serve Falafel

There are a number of ways to serve falafel. You can have it as a side dish, alternatively put it in a wrap or sandwich. Here’s a few ingredients I’d recommend that falafel goes well with:

  • Pitta bread or a wrap
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Any olives but my preference would be Kalamata olives
  • Raw red onion
  • Sauce: My homemade hummus dish!

Is Falafel Healthy?

People who followed a “healthful,” plant-based diet that regularly included legumes like chickpeas were less likely to gain weight over a four-year period than individuals who followed an “unhealthful,” plant-based diet that included more heavily-processed foods such as refined grains and sugary drinks, a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found.

OK, so falafel is fried but that’s pretty much the only unhealthy component to the dish. Chickpeas are the source of the dish and they have SO many health qualities. Chickpeas have a low glycemic index, so falafel is slowly digested, causing a slower and more balanced rise and fall in blood sugar levels. In addition to protein and fiber, chickpeas pack a wealth of other key nutrients like folate, iron, potassium, and manganese.  Finally, falafel is also allergy free – nut, dairy and gluten free! Falafel is for absolutely everyone!

Here’s the Recipe..

The Perfect Falafel Recipe

Total Time15 mins
Course: Side Dish
Keyword: easydishes, easyfalafelrecipes, easyrecipe, falafel, falafelrecipe


  • 1 can Chickpeas
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 Red Onion
  • 4 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 cup Breadcrumbs
  • 1/2 cup Parsley
  • 1/2 tsp Cumin
  • 1/4 tsp Chilli flakes
  • 1/2 tsp Salt


  • In a food processor, add all ingredients. Keep pulsing until fully chopped
  • Scoop into small balls
  • Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil in a pan on medium heat for a couple of minutes.
  • Add falafel to pan, careful not to crowd so you have enough room to flip. 
  • Cook on both sides for about 5 minutes until browned. Add olive oil when you flip if the pan gets dry.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe. If you tried it, comment below and let me know how you found it.

Ami x